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Over the past 14 years, Behineh Pardaz Company has had the honor of cooperating with large banks and companies such as Hekmat Iranian Bank, Ansar Bank, Dey Bank, Ghavamin Bank, Tose'e Ta'avon Bank, Eghtesad Novin Bank, Resalat Bank, Mehr Eghteda Bank, Melal Credit Institution, Central Insurance, Saba Insurance, Asan Pardakht Persian Company, Pasargad Electronic Payment, Eghtesad Novin Support Service Company and is proud to have been able to attract the favorable opinion of its customers in these years and due to its experience and expertise in The design of banking and insurance systems has been able to take a big step towards the development of electronic banking and the mechanization of banking, insurance and PSP processes. Behineh Pardaz company has always tried to fulfill the needs of its customers at the highest possible level with its detailed planning and along with an experienced and expert team, and in this way it has been able to take important and valuable steps.

Software production methodology

Fanavaran Behineh Pardaz Vira uses Scrum as a software development methodology. Scrum is a group method for Production and development of software. This methodology is an iterative model (Iterative) of the Agile methodology to solve complex problems. With Scrum it will be possible to solve complex problems Easy to manage.

Software security features

Fanavaran Behineh Pardaz Vira designs and produces systems and software Build yourself on the three important principles of security, quality and innovation has done Accordingly, the systems by the Fanavaran Behineh Pardaz Vira All are designed and produced under the OWASP security framework And it has high security and stability. Fanavaran Behineh Pardaz Vira always guarantees the quality and services provided Also committed to doing the work on time and using Our expert and experienced team try to provide the highest service The level has made possible.

Teamwork model

On Java and .NET platforms: technical team members and developers in the Fanavaran Behineh Pardaz Vira using the Team tool Foundation Server (TFS) control their projects Until the time and place limitations have an effect on the implementation process of the projects do not have TFS project control software between members It is a programming team created by Microsoft Is. This tool is in addition to project management between program team members Nevisi is able to manage time between the members of a team

Product and customer support services

The support service of the Fanavaran Behineh Pardaz Vira is a service that From product sales and in order to gain customer satisfaction and confidence It is provided from the products and services produced. Kidney Things that the company does after selling the product in order to gain satisfaction customers and help them get the most value from The products or services that were purchased Gives.


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Asghar Rabiee
Founder and CEO
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Ahmad Mahboobi
Technical Manager
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Sajjad Mojarad
Business Manager
Naser Rabeie

Naser Rabiee

Member of the Board
Amir Mohamad Yousefi
Amir Mohamad Yousefi
Senior Developer
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Nazanin Sharifian

Frontend Developer
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Elahe Beigi

Frontend Developer
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Hamid Marzbani

Financial manager